This spring, I revisited an old friend: crochet. I learned when I was very little, so young that I don’t really remember being taught. But I do know it was my mom who taught me and I crocheted many doll blankets, bags, pouches, all sorts of things and all without a pattern. So I find the medium very intuitive with lots of room to improvise. But now, since part of my job is to help people decipher knitting and crochet patterns, I thought I’d better try following a few myself!

The blanket pattern, A Sunny Spread, was recommended to me and I decided Noro Silk Garden would be beautiful.

Some Sunny Spread Squares in Noro Silk Garden

Some Sunny Spread Squares in Noro Silk Garden

I alternated between two colours, one for the centre and one for the border, and found them to be quite addictive. I made a total of 30 and had a lot of fun arranging and rearranging,  standing perched on a chair to get a bird’s-eye-view of the overall effect. In the end, I didn’t follow the pattern completely, making a smaller, rectangular version which I bordered using some Peruvian Alpaca that had been gifted the Christmas before by the person for whom this blanket was intended.

Sunny Spread squares, laid out and being joined

And now I have completed several more crochet projects and quite enjoy the execution, even if I have yet to follow a pattern verbatim from beginning to end…

Complete and comfortable in it’s new home

It feels good to have the crochet hook back in my tool kit after such a long hiatus and I’m looking forward to further developing this skill as part of my repertoire!